Shankar Dhanasekaran

Shankar Dhanasekaran
Co-founder & CTO of tālam, Auroville Centre for Scientific Research

Training: Build Your Own LiveView Powered Ecommerce

Date: 28 April


Venue: Centrum Konferencyjne, Golden Floor Tower, ul. Chłodna 51, 00-867 Warszawa





Drawing upon the experience of building LiveView powered ecommerce systems, Shankar Dhanasekaran will walk you through building specific features in LiveView.



We start with an explanation of the theory around LiveView, its individual LiveView components in contrast to regular pages. We'll then dive deeper into modifying a simple ecommerce system, built using Phoenix, into one that is powered by LiveView. We'll add new features along the way, such as live updates showing "total users currently viewing each product," typical to many ecommerce websites.

By the end of the course, participants will have a good practical grounding in LiveView.


Experience level


Shankar Dhanasekaran is the Co-founder & CTO of tālam, Auroville Centre for Scientific Research. He is also the author of Phoenix Inside Out Book series.


As a programmer with more than a decade's worth of experience in various technologies, he has been giving training at local and international conferences. Last year, he gave training on Rebuilding Phoenix at ElixirConf EU.



Github: shankardevy

Twitter: @shankardevy

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