Sophie Troy

Sophie Troy
Elixir Technical Lead

Elixir Down Under - how Elixir is driving Australian product innovation

Two Aussies from the Elixir-driven influencer marketing platform Vamp will talk about innovating and developing a global platform using Elixir. They will cover the growth, opportunities and challenges of the Australian Elixir community and how they use Elixir to innovate and integrate with partners - Facebook and Google. Alison (Product Director) and Sophie (Technical Lead) will detail the Vamp Elixir journey and demonstrate how it's enabling their company to achieve rapid growth.

  • Share learning and experiences around using Elixir to drive product development
  • share case studies of integrating with our Partners Google and Facebook
  • represent the Australian Elixir community in the northern hemisphere!

Elixir developers, product team members, everyone!


Sophie is Vamp's Elixir Technical Lead. She is a full stack web developer with 8 years professional experience and holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Masters in Information Technology from the University of Sydney.

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